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Clients - Frequently Asked Questions

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We thought it would be advantageous to address some of the most common questions that we get from our clients.   However, if you need to address items that are not covered in this section, please feel free to contact us for any reason either by phone at (888) 544-8317 or


Question:  Do I pay talent directly?

 Answer:  No.  You are required to pay Breakaway Talent & Casting Inc. and we take care of paying our talent.  All logistics with regard to Event staff is handled by Breakaway Talent & Casting Inc.



 Question:  Do you outsource staffing to another agency?

 Answer:  No.  Our policy is to staff internally.  We have extremely strict criteria for our talent and the only way we can maintain our high standard is to have control over who works out in the field.  Everyone on our staff is picked individually.  We keep detailed information on all staff within our database.



Question:  Are you only available Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM?

 Answer:  No.  During an ongoing project an Account Manager is assigned to you who is available 24/7.  You may reach the Account Manager through email or telephone.  If you don’t immediately get a hold of this person, our policy is for your call to be returned within the hour.



Question:  What kind of information can I obtain on the talent before they are assigned to my project?

 Answer:  We provide the talent’s picture and resume to you, as required.   We can provide individual details on the talent, dependent on your criteria.  Any other requirements that you have can be discussed.  We are extremely flexible as we want to make sure you are perfectly satisfied.


 Question:  How do you find your talent?

 Answer:  We have field managers throughout the United States who assist in our search for the best talent available.  After that, the applicant must go through a stringent screening.  Talent may also apply through our website, but this is only the beginning and does not assure that they will be accepted.  We have an extensive list of reliable talent due to our long standing reputation and the many years we have been in this industry.  Last, we obtain talent through word of mouth referrals by those who have been with us for many years.


Again, if you have additional questions that haven’t been answered above, please feel free to contact us at  



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